Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Course

“Identifying, Assessing, & Responding to Suicide Risk”

On the Model List for Suicide Prevention programs in Washington State for health professionals: WSDOH Approval #TRNG.TG.60715084- SUIC 


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This course will include research information from agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, the American Association of Suicidality, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and for an in-depth look at the prevalence of suicide, the risks & warning signs, and prevention factors.  Mr. White utilizes case examples, stories, and research articles throughout the training and facilitates opportunities for participants to evaluate their clinical approach to this subject. Mr. White will provide helpful risk assessment tools and present an approach he developed titled, “A.N.C.H.O.R. Management of Suicide Risk” that includes the key components for working effectively with suicidal patients/clients.


Groups that have hosted this training in-person include: Salish Behavioral Health Administrative Services Organization, Wrightway Counseling, Lummi Behavioral Health, CoHear/BCS, Briarwood Health Center at Timber Ridge, Samaritan Center of Puget Sound, The Skokomish Tribe, MultiCare Auburn Medical Center, Sophie Trettevick Indian Health Center, The Center, and The Everett Clinic.  Groups that have hosted this training virtually include: Muckleshoot Behavioral Health, Counselor’s Choice Award, The Seattle Clinic, Elder Education Institute at Sound Generations, NW Medical Specialties, Pacific Northwest Counsel of Nephrology Social Workers, Cascadia, and Navos.  Groups that have hosted a shorter version of this training include: SRT MisAnon Services, The Skokomish Tribe, and North Shore Community Church. Here are some of the responses and endorsements from these agencies:

2024  “I am writing to enthusiastically endorse Gregory White for his thoughtful suicide assessment training. Greg provided exceptional communication leading up to the training, and thoughtfully tailored the training to meet the needs of my team and the unique population we serve.
Greg has profound expertise in his field and an ability to engage participants through story telling his lived experiences. His use of break out groups created a thought provoking training. I highly recommend Greg White for any risk assessment training initiatives your organization may consider. His professionalism, knowledge, and ability to tailor programs to meet specific needs make him an invaluable asset to any training program.  Hayley Henry, LMHC, Mental Health Manager, Muckleshoot Behavioral Health Program

2024  “Counselor’s Choice Award was honored to be able to have Gregory White as a presenter on Suicide Risk and Prevention. The course was informative with theory and practice but also touched on many different personal experiences and case studies that helped to illustrate the points. The use of small group discussions was a useful tool for keeping participants engaged. As the material is naturally emotional for many people, he was also able to address this with others as the course progressed. We’d be happy to have him teach for us again and got incredibly positive feedback from students who overall found the course as “Excellent”. Leo DeBroeck, MS, LMHC, CMHS, President of Counselor’s Choice Award

2024  “Greg’s training is fantastic – it was not only thorough, full of practical and useful information, and applicable to a wide variety of treatment settings, it was also engaging for the entirety of the six hours (no mean feat!). My colleagues and I admired the balance of seriousness and human-ness that infused the hours we spent in Greg’s training, and were grateful for the way he brought his decades of experience to bear in the room. On a personal level, Greg was a delight to interact with. He responded to emails quickly and clearly, was flexible and accommodating as our organization figured out how to offer both in-person and online options for participants, and was warm and responsive to questions throughout the training. I cannot say enough good things about him and his class, and would recommend him without hesitation to anyone wanting further training in this challenging topic! Kai Scantlin, Psy.D, The Seattle Clinic   

2023 “I facilitate an education program for health professionals and other service providers who work with older adults and was hard pressed to find a qualified instructor who specializes in teaching about suicidality in this specific population. Greg White was recommended to me as a great instructor who teaches a Washington State approved Suicide Assessment and Prevention course. Though outside of his area of expertise and experience, Greg readily agreed to design a course specific to our needs and did the research to accommodate this into his already carefully plotted out professional coursework…The workshop itself was engaging and dynamic and the students found it provided them with crucial training to deal with possible suicidality in their clients. Greg’s sense of humor and down-to-earth manner gave his workshop a buoyancy where such a serious subject might be grim and depressing in other hands.”  Alison Laird Craig, Continuing Education Specialist, The Elder Education Institute at Sound Generations

2023 “As a clinic with multiple healthcare disciplines, we were looking for suicide training relevant and meaningful to all of our healthcare providers, from the oncologists, advanced practice providers, and registered nurses to LICSWs. Greg White beautifully orchestrated the training to meet the needs of all in attendance. He solicited feedback throughout the training to understand the needs of the attendees to ensure the activities were meaningful across various disciplines. Greg White is highly knowledgeable in the area of suicide prevention. Following the training, providers at the practice report feeling more confident in identifying, assessing, and responding to suicide.” Abra Kelson, LICSW, Support Services Manager Northwest Medical Specialties, PLLC

2023 “You engaged a diverse audience with a well‐researched survey of information…Personal anecdotes, video clips, and small group work engaged the audience. The presentation made excellent use of updated sources and supplementary material. Mental health clinicians, substance use professionals, and peer counselors reported that they felt the training improved their practice.”Amy Browning, LICSW, Care Manager/Systems Coordinator for Salish Behavioral Health Administrative Services Organization

2022 “His expertise and experience working with individuals who are suicidal will contribute to the knowledge others will gain when participating in his trainings. Mr. White will keep you engaged from real life stories of those in crisis to the techniques he shares that have shown to be successful. We completed his training feeling more confident in our clinical practice when working with our patient population.” Dawn Menchen, MSW, LSWAIC, Chair of the Pacific Northwest Counsel of Nephrology Social Workers

2020 “It went above my expectations.  I have had suicide-related trainings before and usually leave feeling overwhelmed, heavy-hearted, and with only a little new knowledge.  This one was very informative, and I appreciated that it was presented in a way that was respectful to the topic, but not burdensome to the participant.  Thank you!  Participant from Cascadia

2020 “The speaker was excellent and well-versed in suicide and suicide prevention.  I enjoyed the mix of lecture, media, and breakout groups. I’m very picky on speakers, and found this presentation to be excellent” Participant from Navos

2020 “He is an engaging speaker that is willing and able to adapt to his audience. Greg provided current information and answered questions appropriately and with great insight. He promoted a positive learning environment… Everyone in attendance was impressed with his presentation of this challenging topic. I would encourage all professional therapists, first responders and non-profit personnel to participate in at least one of his trainings.”  Joel Wright, MA, LMHC, Founder of Wrightway Counseling Services, Arlington, WA

2019 “It reduced my anxiety towards these situations by providing tangible tools & skills…Providing the specific frameworks & screening tools…the specific questions to ask & topics, variety of resources…Extremely helpful”  Participant from Lummi Behavioral Health

2019 “On behalf of the CoHear/BCS staff, I want to thank you for your training of “Identifying, Assessing, and Responding to Suicide Risk”.  Your wisdom, years of experience and understanding the of the scope of this issue made the training interesting and challenging for us.  You encouraged us as mental health providers to sharpen our awareness and strengthen our courage to openly address this issue with our clients.  Your self-disclosure, empathy and sincerity modeled to us how to genuinely and appropriately relate to our at-risk clients.  I can highly recommend you and your training to other health professionals dealing with suicide risk.”  Brian L. Whitney MA, LMFT, LMHC, S-PSB, Clinical Director CoHear/BCS, Bellevue, WA

 2019We had the pleasure to have Mr. Gregory White provide suicide prevention training at our Health Center in July 2019.  His class was very interactive and full of knowledge.  His real life experiences with patients made his class interesting…Our staff was fully engaged in his class…Greg encouraged participation from the staff…I would recommend his class to anyone looking to get suicide prevention training.”  Monica Jaswal, Staff Development Nurse, Briarwood Health Center at Timber Ridge, Issaquah, WA

2019 “Greg was extremely helpful to our staff in providing accessible, useful, comprehensive clinical information about suicide prevention in a style and manner which was encouraging, hopeful, and skill-sharpening…The team was grateful for his leadership, his flexibility, his deep knowledge of this field and his skillful service to our team in this area. We could not have wished for a more comprehensive or useful training on this topic and highly recommend Greg for training, collaboration, and consultation.”  Laura Benton, MS, LMFT, Clinical Training Director, Samaritan Center of Puget Sound.

2018 “I would like to extend my highest appreciation to Gregory White from the people who attended his training in the Neah Bay community…He was extremely knowledgeable and his sense of humor was a great asset to a very hard topic…I would highly recommend him to any organization or team that needs to be fully informed on all the aspects of this topic.”  Betty Poffenbarger, Behavioral Health Manager, Sophie Trettevik Indian Health Center, Neah Bay, WA

2018 “Case studies were on point…Provided additional tools to use to help others…Knowledge of issue very good; so relayed info well.” Participant from The Skokomish Tribe

 2018 “Risk assessment tools very helpful. Stories, practice with cases, videos are awesome!…How to intervene, what words to use, topics to approach, to reach a place of hope.”  Participant from MultiCare Auburn Medical Center

2015 “We recently utilized Mr. White’s expertise for our clinical team for suicide prevention.  We have been providing clinical treatment for 31 years and we have experienced many trainers.  Greg White is in the upper 1% of professional presentation, knowledge, and communication skills.  Our entire team really enjoyed and benefited.”  Dr. Greg Jantz, PhD, CEDS, Founder, The Center, Edmonds, WA 

2015 “Helped my confidence and anxiety on the topic”…“I will definitely be more aware of risk factors and now have useful Risk Assessment Tools”  Participant from The Everett Clinic


For more information about Continuing Education Credits, please go to this link:

FEE:  The cost is $100 per person (minimum 5 participants) plus compensation for travel expenses
If you have any questions and would like to contact Mr. White, his email address is:

By the end of the training participants should be able to…
• Identify the signs and symptoms of a suicidal client
• Accurately assess the client’s risk factors
• Provide a reasonable plan for the client’s safety & welfare


Suicide Risk Reduction Tips: 5 Videos

I developed 5 suicide-risk-reduction-tips videos for health and human service professionals, sponsored by OmniSure Consulting Group, LLC.  These short videos include topics from my 6 hour training entitiled, “Identifying, Assessing, & Responding to Suicide Risk”.

1.  Pain and its Correlation to Suicide Risk

2.  Precipitating Events and Suicide Risk

3.  The S.L.A.P. Tool for Suicide Risk

4.  Imminent, Ambivalent, or Resilient Suicidal Patients

5.  A.N.C.H.O.R. Management of Suicide Risk

Please feel free to view them at:

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