Online Law & Ethics 1 CE

Clinical Supervision: Aspirations & Angst

Live Zoom webinar recorded in 2024

Sponsored by the Washington Mental Health Counselors Association:

Objectives  ● Familiarize participants with selected portions of “Section F Supervision, Training, and Teaching” of the ACA Code of Ethics (2014) ● Encourage participants to embrace their supervisory role when forced to make difficult decisions

Outline  GREAT ASPIRATIONS “You’re the best” ROUTINE ACCOUNTABILITY “You’re the stickler” PROVIDING ASSISTANCE “You’re the correction” THE ANGST “You’re the hammer”

Participant responses: “Would appreciate a longer training on the same topic with the same presenter!” “Great, thank you” “Great job” “It felt very validating to hear another supervisor going thru what we are going thru, very helpful”

Instructor background: For 23 ½ years I worked as a mental health professional (MHP) at the Snohomish County Jail in Everett, WA, a facility that had the largest mental health patient count in the county on any given day. During those years I was the on-site supervisor for 14 student interns (graduate & undergraduate) and was the clinical supervisor for 13 MHPs. As a clinical supervisor, I was involved in the interview and hiring process and provided supervision for the MHPs’ initial orientation and probation periods.  I also supervised their schedules, timesheets, weekly workload statistics, charting and documentation, treatment plans, medication referrals, correspondence with courts and attorneys, duty-to-warn referrals, discharge plans, rotating off-duty coverage, and their weekly team consultation meetings. From these experiences, I talk about the rewards of being a supervisor as well as some of the challenges that can occur when supervising others. This includes an emphasis on maintaining professionalism when making hard decisions that may result in negative outcomes for the supervisee, and prioritizing self care.

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